What is Adventure Travel?

What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel has changed over the years, from extreme trekking and new world discovery to cultural home stays, white water rafting and wildlife treks.  Most people aren’t looking to lace up their hiking boots, train for years and tackle Mount Everest! Everyone has their own idea of what adventure travel is and how it caters to their needs.

Adventure travel helps you explore new destinations, have exciting experiences and get out of your comfort zone. The Adventure Travel Trade Association states that ‘Adventure travel company must include at least one of these components in their tours physical activity, cultural emersion, and environment interaction.

There are 2 types of adventure travel, hard adventure (more traditional active adventure style) that includes hiking and trekking, kayaking, rafting, rougher accommodations and camping as well as wildlife encounters. There is also soft adventure such as homestays, sailing, cultural experiences and amazon eco lodges and higher end local accommodations.

What is your travel style?

Adventure travel is softening; people are now looking for cultural experiences, education and environmental interaction when travelling. Every travel company has different styles to offer travelers; they want like-minded travellers travelling together. This creates a very unique experience on each trip. Be sure to check the trip pace and activity level, this will give you a good understanding of what to expect when on tour. Consult a travel agent for a better understanding of tour company culture.

What to expect on an adventure tour? 

Depending on the style of tour you can usually expect some similarities: local accommodations and meals, early mornings with some active components throughout the day, local transportation (sometimes private), and local guides. Every tour is going to have optional activities, I suggest budgeting for these in your spending money! They will be worth it.

Choosing your next destination.

Here are some tips to selecting your next destination:

  • Ask friends, family members and co-workers for their suggestions
  • Check social media for ideas and suggestions of places to visit
  • Always check Government of Canada Travel Advisoriesfor up to date travel notices
  • Make sure you won’t be travelling during wet season or during a limited sunlight month
  • Send me an email if you are interested in learning more about adventure travel