From Brownie to Travel Professional .. My Story

From the time I joined Brownies (age 7), I was intrigued by what I learned about the WAGGGS World Centres and opportunities for international travel with Girl Guides of Canada. I was determined to visit these places myself one day. Little did I know that this determination would turn into my future career!

Today, as a Travel Consultant specializing in Adventure Travel, I love helping other people make their travel dreams a reality. I believe my visits to the World Centres helped me gain unique insights and skills to excel at my career.

Our Cabana, Mexico (2001)

My first Guiding trip, to Our Cabana, was everything I had hoped for. I learned so much about Mexican culture, and enjoyed helping prepare the local dishes. Bargaining for fruit and souvenirs to get the best price was a great learning experience! Most of all, I enjoyed helping out a local orphanage, where my favourite activity was playing games with the children, smiles and laughter are a universal language! Despite the language barrier, everyone had a great day!

Our Chalet, Switzerland (2003)

On my next trip, to Our Chalet, I found myself on a hike that had me climbing a vertical rock wall, sliding my feet inch by inch along a ledge while holding onto a chain and trying not to look down. As we continued along the narrow path, we came to wooden stairs that finally lead to the top of the pass. Sitting there, absolutely exhausted, feet dangling over the beautiful Engstligen Valley below me, I realized I had accomplished something life-changing.

Sangam, India (2011)

Next came Sangam, and a whole new adventure in learning and living! Riding in a rickshaw, sharing a meal with a local family and exploring the sights, sounds (and smells) of a busy Indian city. Our time at Sangam was spent learning traditional Indian culture and helping out in the community. One of the most memorable experiences would have to be watching the sunrise over the Taj Mahal!

Pax Lodge and Beyond!

My next Guiding travel adventure will be to Pax Lodge in England. I have now travelled across Canada twice, planted trees in a Costa Rican rain forest, lived with a family in Tokyo, backpacked throughout Australia and Southeast Asia and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

I am still very active in Guiding; I am a leader with the 10th London Guides and Pathfinders.  I am looking forward to more adventurous activities in the years to come with Guiding.